The 6ème galerie collections evoke a relaxed and feminine sensuality. Each garment is carefully designed and made to maintain a high quality and personality

The rhythm of A Coruña, its style, its people, impregnate a new modern, urban, young and relaxedly sophisticated bridal capsule; faithful to the DNA of our firm.

Hyper feminine silhouettes with light volumes, unpretentious and very minimal.

Each garment is carefully designed and handcrafted in our studio in A Coruña.

Always faithful to vaporous, volatile and ethereal fabrics, we are committed to raw and flared colours.

This time we had fun playing with volumes and textures in layers and accessories. Light jacquards, silk chiffons, wool, tulle and crepe, in order to offer versatile options for our 6ème galerie brides.

bride 2023

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